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About Us - The Good IT Company

The Good IT Company is a Cardiff based IT Support and Web design team.

We are a modern, forward thinking company. Everything we do is designed for one purpose - to make our customers successful. Whether that's building them a heavily profitable online shop, making sure they have suitable, reliable IT that keeps up with them, or giving them the online branding, image and presence they deserve, we always start with the aim of making them successful.

We do that for two reasons; first, it guarantees a strong and loyal customer base. But primarily, we focus on customer success because we want to be teamed with market leaders, great brands and the envy of all competitors. It all ties in to one fact: it's the most profitable, sustainable way for us to run.

You may have noticed that we are pretty open and transparent about the way we work. Here are some facts which you may find interesting:

  • We are an entirely UK based web and IT company, based in a Cardiff office
  • Every customer is given a personal contact, and a direct line to their developer or support technician
  • We don't outsource anything
  • Our employees are largely graduates of IT, Web or Engineering
  • We have worked in a number of different industries before arriving here, so we may well have an understanding of your market
  • We never use call centres, automated menus or any of that silliness. Just call a good person for a good service

OK, we did say you may find it interesting.

Take a few clicks through our splendid website to find out exactly what you need to know - and of course, we'd be more than happy to chat about your requirements on 02920 697100.

IT Support

Remote, Telephone and On-Site Support

Every business has IT, and every IT system has a will of it's own. From complete failures to a printer refusing to cooperate, they all slow you down and cost you money. We are here to make sure your computers, network and equipment behaves itself and works hard for you.

We support retailers, schools, councils, accountants, solicitors, mail order firms and home offices. No minimum fees, just starting at £25 per month for personalised remote support by nice, very clever people. Click here to find out more.

Data Backup

Secure online backup for all your valuables

It's 2015 and we are slowly doing away with physical items. Our documents, records, images, music, films, friends and communities are gradually becoming electronic. Theoretically, do they even exist?

Ignore the last part - with so much being recorded electronically, it is vital to make sure they are backed up, preferably off-site. Everyone needs to keep 3 years of records, and a number of industries have a legal requirement for off-site backup. And when you do back up your data, make sure you do it securely.

The Good IT Company provides off-site data backup using Secure Shell Encryption - the toughest, most secure method of transfer and storage. And as of 2015 it's the lowest cost Secure Shell data backup available. Click here for full details of our backup packages, and how we can help keep your backside safe and secure.

Our other services

IT & Network Installations, Equipment Supply and Software Development

Meet some of the team

The Good IT Company features a number of brilliant minions. Here are some of our team, for your amusement.

Matt Weston - IT Consultant, Senior Developer, Technical Director

Ecommerce specialist

Company founder and the technical director of The Good IT Company, Matt is a highly experienced and knowledgeable practitioner of web design, Ecommerce development, Network infrastructure design and installation, security advice and general ICT maintenance and support services.

Matt is our final word in specialist repairs and overcoming extraordinary technical hurdles. Matt lends his experienced eye to all areas of web design where required, and commonly takes responsibility for website quality checks and Search Engine Optimisation programmes.

Honours degree educated and vastly experienced in a wide range of IT disciplines, Matt has held roles of high responsibility and specialism for government departments, along with some of the largest IT retailers in the country.

Chris Hood - Senior Designer, Head of Vibe Website Programme

Web designer Cardiff

An experienced project and quality engineer, Chris is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of our Vibe Website programme. It's Chris' keen design eye and working ethic that brings efficiency and quality to our websites, making them a cut above the rest and giving you a legitimate advantage in your industry.

In 2009 Chris was awarded the Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK Frederic Barnes Waldron Young Engineer of the Year award for outstanding achievement in engineering. He carries a First Class Honours degree in Engineering and has significant experience in project delivery from the nuclear industry.

What Chris takes most pride in, however, is being the friendly face of The Good IT Company, driving us forward and making sure we maintain the most professional and helpful reputation as a nationwide IT and Web company.

Scott McAndrew - Technical assistant and Search Engine Optimisation

Database builder

Scott looks after the continuous development and online marketing of our customers websites, as well as providing valuable assistance to our IT support services. From optimising your website content to pushing your online presence to the corners of the world, Scott makes sure that your website is visible and profitable.

Scott also has an immense knowledge of IT infrastructure and excellent problem solving skills, making him a valued asses to your business. He's also a lovely chap, and we are privileged to have him on our team.

Sophie Thomas - Web and Ecommerce Developer

Sophie joined us in 2013 and is currently leading the development of Ecommerce websites and Wordpress online applications.

Sophie specialises in OpenCart and Zen Cart development, and is pioneering our Total Website Management programme.

She also provides product support and ongoing support/amendments to your website, along with a professional design service for logos, websites and branding.

Some of our Customers

The Good IT Company provides services to a multitude of sectors, to businesses right across the UK including small to medium enterprises, charities, clubs and public sector. Our contracted customers include:

  • Algebra Stationery
  • Starbucks University
  • Communities First
  • Datacentre UK
  • Live Awesome
  • Davies Wallpapers
  • Boultons Nurseries
  • Monddi Design Agency
  • Skadoosh!
  • Kingsbury Training College
  • Torrance Park Golf Club
  • R Matthews Construction Ltd
  • Midas Telecom
  • Lee Security
  • Datacentre MEA
  • Kelbel Jewellery
  • Hantec Fastgrowth, Hantec EQM
  • Dolphin Stairlifts
  • Pearce Legal Solicitors
  • Atrium Health Ltd

We have numerous high profile customers in accountancy, soliciting, retail, stove installation, chimney sweeping, translation and various education sectors, as well as local councils, football clubs and restaurants. We are also proud supporters of our favourite local charity, The Really Cuckoo Theatre Company.

What makes the The Good IT Company the best?

The Good IT Company applies a fresh and different approach to web design and IT, using knowledgeable, friendly and approachable people. We aren't just techies - our backgrounds are hugely diverse, having worked in mechanical engineering, teaching, retail and design. We come from all walks of life and the thing we are most proud of is our friendliness, efficiency and commitment to helping you succeed.


All our services are tailored to your needs, so you get exactly what you want and the best possible value. If you need an engineer or designer to work on something over the weekend, we'll stock them up with cookies and If we don't think you need it, we won't recommend it - and several of our customers have saved large amounts of money following our advice.


We can cover a wide range of disciplines from hardware supply and installation, to html marketing and website design.


Drawing from a range of knowledgeable people from a variety of disciplines, we don´t just offer our services, we know our services.

Some of our Customers

Microsoft network partner
A Vibe CMS website Built with pride for The Good IT Company