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IT Support for Solicitors

Solicitors have a high dependence on IT to make sure they can work smoothly, without interruption or compromise.

Over half of our customers are solicitors, and we know the types of problems you routinely face. In our experience, solicitors have a high dependence on:

  • The security of their data; it's your duty to keep it safe
  • The security of your emails; you send sensitive information, and you're prime targets for viruses
  • The smooth operation of your printers and scanners
  • The integrity of your network, and the ability to share and access documents quickly
  • Your ability to work both in the office and at home if needed

For all solicitors who are IT Support customers, we offer the following:

  • Significantly discounted rates on network installations
  • Half price security policies
  • Half price data backup

We do this because it makes our job a lot easier afterward. If you have a slick, professional IT structure in place, it's far less likely that you'll need us on a regular basis. At least, to a certain extent - we'll be here when Julie spills her coffee on the keyboard again.

Some of our Customers

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