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Data Network & Cabling Installations - South Wales, South West England and Throughout the UK

Networks, data cabling installation and support

The Good IT Company specialises in installing, maintaining and supporting networks of all kinds, for organisations in all sectors. From small businesses and residential buildings to large organisations like councils and schools, our network support and data cabling installation specialists are here to make sure your network is reliable, affordable and built perfectly for you.

We also specialise in installing fast, secure Wireless Networks for both private and public access. Don't know where to start? We can help you from beginning to end, from selecting the right equipment to setting it up and supporting it for life. For information on how our network installation and support can help you, feel free to contact one of our team who will be glad to talk through your needs with you.


The right network for your office

Your network represents the backbone of your organisations communication and it's generally accepted that communication is the backbone of your organisation. The importance of getting this right cannot be over-emphasised.

Network Design

We can specifiy everything you need for your office network, including servers, data cabling, sockets and more. Our technicians are trained to create modern, efficient and low-cost networks that work around your office and employees.

Network Installation

Once you've got the right hardware and design, getting the right installation team can make all the difference. Our team are not only very knowledgeable about what they are doing; they are also skilled craftsmen, trained and experienced in doing a neat, professional and courteous job. We can minimise disruption further by installing on weekends or evenings, depending on your requirements.

Network Consultancy

If you're an IT Support customer, we can advise you on your networking requirements, to make sure you're getting the right setup for your business. The less problems you have, the less support you need.

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Data Cabling Installations for Businesses

A neat, low-disruption, professional data cable installation can be a great investment for your office. Our installations include Cat6 cable installations and Fibre Optic Cable Installations for fast, efficient networks with plenty of room to grow, and our installers are tody, courteous and professionally trained.

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For a quote on your network, server or cable installation, please call us on 02920 697131 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A senior technician will guide you through everything you need to know, and give you our best indication of a quote there & then. If we need to visit your office for a full quote, we'll let you know and arrange a time to suit you.

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